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Are you Interested in your online reputation? Are you tired of wasting your time by analyzing metrics on different websites like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter, ... ? Use WaxyStats! We centralize your online KPI's to customizable dashboards and detailed reports. WaxyStats is the perfect tool to support your online marketing.


Google Analytics

We provide statistics about your visitors, customer satisfaction, conversion, events, predefined referrers and much more!



Analyze your fan page, applications and the interaction on your website.



Our Twitter metrics are unique and haven't yet been developed by Twitter.



Keep track of your uptime and responsetime of your website.



Integrate your online campaings in WaxyStats!

Some advantages

All metrics on 1 portal

Analytics screenshot WaxyStats integrates most imporant metrics from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter Addemar and Pingdom.

Visual Dashboard

Dashboard screenshot Your personal dashboard is a tool to follow up very important metrics. The Dashboard consists of views and widgets. Views can be added to categorize metrics as you see fit. Widgets are clear graphs that can be configured with a monthly target.

Detailed Reports

Report screenshot The report is a powerful tool where all your metrics are centralized. Compare different months with eachother, go back in time and more!

Drill Through

Drill Through screenshot Another key component of the report is the drill through function. By clicking on a metric you can see its daily evolution.

Easy Account Setup

Account setup screenshot All your different sources can be easily configured in the account setup. Add or remove items as much as you want.

How it works


Our services for you

  • Request historical data for free
  • Our highly specialized team can optimize and fully customize Google Analytics tracking to suit your exact needs
  • Our team can help you install social plugins (Facebook, Twitter, ... buttons) to further enhance customer relations
  • You can do a request for custom metrics

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Who are we ?

Jeroen Van Pelt

  • Financial Manager

Yves Van Laer

  • Founder
  • Developer

Jonas Van Pelt

  • Founder
  • Project Leader
  • Developer


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